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Heermance Farm is a historical farm operating since 1730 in the Hudson River Valley, upstate New York, just minutes from Rhinebeck. 



Heermance Farm sits at the intersection of agriculture, art, culture, and community. It works behind the scenes growing an extraordinary variety of the highest quality specialty vegetables, custom blend-fed eggs, and Steelhead trout to rave reviews and an array of pasteurized proteins like Turkeys, rabbits, hogs, and lambs for NYC's top chefs - all while prioritizing sustainable farming practices. In addition, Heermance Farm publishes its own biannual Art/Gastronomy magazine as a unique platform to introduce its products to chefs, restaurants, and friends throughout the world, as well as hosts a variety of cultural events onsite, serving its community beyond its intended traditional functions.


Farmer's winter Notes



Winter vegetable growing at Heermance Farm is confined to our heated greenhouses; these greenhouses are the engine driving Heermance Farm vegetable and greens production through 2 main strategies:


Heermance Farm raised organic soil beds for growing delicious root crops such as; Beets, carrots, Japanese turnips, or larger leaf crops like Cauliflower, fennel, and broccoli. 

And we also have our hydroponic Greenhouse at Five-Star farm, which produces sessions of fast-growing lettuce heads, broccoli, Bok Choi, cabbages, parsley, and herbs.

These two sets of greenhouse growing strategies are Heermance Farm‘s best friends and growing facilities. 



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Kevin Ferry is the Farm Manager at Heermance Farm where he oversees the day-to-day operations, tends pasture, field crops and perennial gardens. He comes from over 21 years of farm and commercial agriculture experience, and has deep experience in nutrient recycling methods in food production through commercial aquaponics and hydroponics. Kevin works to ensure restaurant supplier demand is met while producing high quality, tasty produce including carefully grown vegetables, pasture - raised meats/eggs and chef favorite staples. He's passionate about creating a sustainable agriculture system through Heermance's hydroponic farming and providing chefs from the Hudson Valley to New York City with the highest quality locally grown produce year round, rasied with responsible growing practices. Kevin has worked at Heermance Farm since 2015. 

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