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Farmer's Notes


Summer 2022 is just arriving, and it's already drier and more manageable than last year's rain and mud. So it's officially "Go Time" on the calendar for our field gardens as the days are long and warm, and the nighttime temperatures are cool but frost-free. 


The farm days are bustling with the tractor and old Ford 309 Planter attachment laying down rows of seasonal staples and some new additions. With the trust of better weather and drier soils, we will build in some new crop plans and open up some field rows that flooded last year. 


For the first time, we're getting ready to plant rows of heirloom shelling beans for fall harvest: Jacob's Cattle Bean, 1500-year-old Cave, Succotash, Dragons Tongue, and Whipple Creek, to name only a few. We're selecting shelling bean varieties that are unique and native to our region or have historical and cultural significance. We seek to be a part of preserving and seed saving and offering these unique varieties to our chefs. We hope their customers can experience these flavors, textures, and colors through a reinterpretation of dishes not often explored today.


Walking through our hydroponic greenhouse felt like a tropical paradise, with welcoming humidity and the sweet smells of hearty greens. Now, as the temperatures climb, so do our tomatoes. We've been dutifully providing them with supportive twine, and many plants are already bearing young fruit. So, too, are the young fig trees that recently joined them in the greenhouse – a sweet treat for anyone working near them over the next month or so.

Fragrant basil varieties line the eastern paths of the greenhouse, rounding out our selection of Mediterranean favorites.


Our birds have also been feeling the seasonal push, and they've been laying accordingly. So many of the green egg layers we bred here on the farm last year have reached maturity, and we're so pleased to see these vibrant eggs being packed up for the chefs and markets we supply.


Between our famous eggs and our expanded selection of greenhouse and field crops, Heermance Farm is as busy as ever in 2022. And as restaurants regain confidence, we're looking forward to introducing a few more tricks we have up our sleeves this summer.



Kevin Ferry

Heermance Farmer 

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